Ellen Holleman visual artist

  • On the move I & II
  • On the move I & II
  • On the move I & II
  • On the move I & II

On the move I & II

17,5 x 12 cm


oil on reclaimed oak wood panel

Private Collection

These two small paintings are the first of a new art series 'On the Move'. In this series I am exploring the contrasts and complexities of travel, movement, migration, and displacement.

Look closely and you'll notice that they've been painted on leftover oak wood, sourced from a company that mines old wood from building sites. I intentionally left the wood's natural texture unmasked, for an organic and authentic touch.
By integrating reused or circular materials whenever possible, I aim to explore the potential of these resources in my artwork. Specifically, employing small panels crafted from reclaimed oakwood not only aligns with my dedication to sustainability but also infuses a captivating element into my work. Drawing inspiration from the rich history of traditional painting techniques, this approach adds an exciting dimension to my work.