Ellen Holleman visual artist

Honig fabriek

Located in the heart of Zaanstad, just outside of Amsterdam, stands the historic Honigfabriek building. This unique and characteristic factory building has a close connection to the history of the Zaanstreek region. The building rented out spaces to artists and creative entrepreneurs, providing raw and adventurous workspaces in a post-industrial setting. As the result of a partnership between the municipalities of Amsterdam and Zaanstad, the Honigfabriek had been transformed into the first official creative incubator in Zaanstad.

In 2014, Holleman, a pioneer in the LosVast urban activism group, was asked to help establish an organization that could manage and operate the Honigfabriek. LosVast Makelaars, of which Holleman was a member, was a group of concerned citizens from Zaanstad who aimed to repurpose empty spaces and abandoned buildings in the area. The Foundation Broedplaats aan de Zaan was officially established in late 2014, and took responsibility for managing and operating the Honigfabriek from January 1st, 2015. After five years the Foundation moved to another building where the creative community has now found a new home.

Holleman played a role in the revitalization of the Honigfabriek as a creative incubator, and during the foundation's start-up phase, she contributed to the development of its vision and marketing plan, including PR, social media, and organizing one-off events. She concluded her involvement with the Broedplaats aan de Zaan in mid-2015.

In cooperation with Albert Groothuizen Project Management, Aad Verburg Organizational Advice and with support from Urban Resort and LOSVAST Makelaars.