Ellen Holleman visual artist

Zaanse Verhalenbank

In 2015, the Zaanse Verhalenbank traveled through the Zaan region to collect stories about the history of the regional manufacturing industry. The Verhalenbank was an artwork and storytelling project that brought the past of the manufacturing industry to life. The artwork was located on a deck barge and was composed of parts, tools, and products from the local manufacturing industries. In 2015, more than 30 people took a seat on the bank and shared their experiences of working and living in the Zaan region, including stories of shipbuilding and navigation, old crafts and large-scale production. They also shared stories about the cocoa industry, such as those of Pette, Gerkens, Verkade, Honig and the pudding factory, and the Hembrugterrein. Contemporary artists also shared their work and connection to the Zaan region. All of these stories from the Zaan industrial culture were recorded on film. In 2017, the Zaans Museum took over the project to further develop the Zaanse Verhalenbank into a structural participation project. The goal is to actively involve the residents of the region in the documentation of their own history. The stories from 2015 serve as the prelude to this new project.

The Zaanse Verhalenbank was an initiative of the Stichting Zaanse Industriecultuur. Concept and design: Ellen Holleman

Realization: Sander Borsje, Daan ’t Sas, Joris van der Werff, Patrick Witbaard and Ellen Holleman. With the participation of Pieter Grandiek, Victor Reijke, and Robby.

Programming: Ellen Holleman and the Foundation Zaanse Industriecultuur in collaboration with the Hembrugmuseum, Vereniging Zaans Erfgoed, Historische Vereniging Wormerveer, and Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate.

Conversation leaders: Jacob Spaander, Hans Kuyper, and Lean van ’t Hooft.

Recordings: Wendy van Wilgenburg and Sharon Varekamp. The editing was by Wendy van Wilgenburg.

The Verhalenbank was made from parts that were made available by private individuals and companies from the Zaan region. Special thanks to: Patrick, Martin Schaap, Theo Hallingse, Margriet Dijkstra, Nanda Mantel, Molenaar’s Scheepswerf BV, Touwen & Co. BV, PontMeyer Zaandam, MegaMedia, Molen de Gekroonde Poelenburg, Chocolatemakers, Zaans Museum and Hembrugmuseum.

The realization and documentation of the Zaanse Verhalenbank was made possible by the municipality of Zaanstad and the Bredenhofstichting.