Ellen Holleman visual artist


In the twilight, a boat sails along spectacularly lit industrial architecture. On board, you get swept away by the theatrical atmosphere and the stories about this unique place. Suddenly, your gaze falls on the shore - what's happening there?

During a 2.5-hour Zaansafari, guests step into another world where all their senses are stimulated. The boat only departs after the sun has set. This way, you literally experience the Zaan region in a completely different light. Photogenic moments follow one another. While sailing, you become part of the story of the Zaanse industrial culture. Master storyteller Hans Kuyper is the safari guide.

During the first three seasons of IFIKZ / Festival Industry Culture Zaanstreek (2015/16/17), the ZaanSafari sailed twice a month from May to October over the Zaan. Holleman came up with the concept and, as the creative director of IFIKZ, was ultimately responsible for the execution of these three editions